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Blastoyz Interview

Blastoyz Interview

Posted November 25, 2016

BLASTBOYZ Interview 

Truth chat's to Tel Aviv's globe-trotting psytrance DJ, Blastoyz ahead of his set at Truth's mammoth 17th Birthday celebrations...


For those who might not know you, introduce yourself…

So hey, I am Kobi known as "Blastoyz". I'm 26 years old, born and based in the capital of psytrance - Israel. I'm travelling across the world non-stop - every week in different country, playing my music in festivals, clubs and everywhere possible that I can reach to the people who wants to see me play. That's my life, happy to see many countries and reach to my fans across the world.

You discovered trance music at the tender age of 9.. When and how did that happen?

My big brother used to produce music and DJ, so I simply followed what he did when I was young and by time I've realized how much I love music and the psytrance genre.

Tell us about the music scene in Tel Aviv..

Tel Aviv is very particular, I can tell you about the whole music scene in Israel according to psytrance which is super popular here, It’s played almost everywhere you can imagine, from radio stations to weddings, college, university parties, almost every club here is playing psytrance in the end of the party as a 'grand finale' and people love it. It’s something really common in Israel - we love this energy.


You have played all over the world, what have some of the special moments been so far?

I collect so many good memories from almost every party around the world, most of them in my mind is when people on the dancefloor comes with signs with my name, or gifts, T-Shirts, that’s crazy travelling so far and see those people who are waiting for you to play. One of them is definitely a girl who snuck to the backstage hugging me while she's crying and telling me how excited is she to see me.

What do you strive for as a DJ and producer?

I strive to reach as many people as possible and make them feel excited about my music, I love to play in huge festivals and in other hand I really like also to play in smaller ones when you actually can touch the crowd and see their faces less than 1 meter from you to see the happiness on their face of watching me playing, it’s amazing.


Share three of your favourite tracks right now and tell us about each of them..

So I can definitely say that my number 1 favorite track is "Parvati Valley", I am really proud of this track I made it with all my knowledge I've putted all my power creating it, and it paid off. This track is a madness on the dancefloor, on the internet this track already passed the 1 million plays, I even got a videos of couple on their way to get married with this track in the background. Another happy thing is that my other DJ friends like it and playing it almost in their every set such as: Vini Vici, Upgrade and many more.

Second favorite track is "Zoom" a feature with my friend 'Ranji'. It’s still not released, This one we took to another place which is a bit more psychedelic, the energy of this track is really amazing and every second is taking you to another place. I already can feel the madness it’s doing on the dancefloor even when not all of the crowd is knowing it. the track reached to more than 100,000 plays in less than 10 days since I uploaded the "Preview" online on soundcloud. It will be released 5th of December on my EP "Blastoyz + Friends Vol.2" on Nutek Records.

The third track which is my favorite is "Rise" I made together with 'Skazi' & the singer 'Soul J'. It contains the amazing vibe of a legend I was listening so much when I was young- 'Skazi', we made this track combining the Blastoyz energy, and the awesome vibe that only Skazi can bring. I really get excited when I play this track on my shows, or just even when I listen to it in my car. This track is played in the Israeli Radio and also in the Radio TV here which is a huge achievement.

 How do you feel about your upcoming set in South Africa? What have you heard about the scene?

I am really excited to be back there, more grown up in my mind and in my music, I played there back in 2013 the start of my overseas career, in an outdoor event "Soulstice". Since then I played mostly in Cape Town but never had the chance to play again in Johannesburg this why I’m really excited to come back there again with all my new music.

Message for the fans..

First and most important would like to thank every one of my fans that support me and my music, it’s what makes it all worth it in the end. I am so excited to get back to my fans in Johannesburg and I can’t wait to bring you all some fresh new sounds with super energy so get ready!


Catch Blastoyz in the BASEMENT this Saturday for Truth's mammoth 17th Birthday celebrations.



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