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#FOCUSON: Abby Nurock

#FOCUSON: Abby Nurock

Posted July 17, 2018

Abby Nurock likes…
Exotic places and outdoor life- diving and hiking, collecting unique vinyl, chilling with my felines.

Started DJing…
2002 when I was 18

Strictly vinyl only. Why?
Started djing for the love of vinyl and followed through. It’s tactile and real and I love the element of “live performance”. I am able to gauge my improvement every time I play and it’s hugely satisfying. I appreciate the rich whole sound of analog.

I’d like to see the SA Dance Music Industry move towards...
A funkier direction. Bring back the groove and soul.

Electronic music in 2030 looks like…
- there will be a music revolution and we will resort back to the instrument in its purest form- simple, honest sound.

Artists to look out for…
Bruce Loko and Aero Manyelo

Plans for the 2nd half of 2018 are...
I need to action everything I have procrastinated about in the first half :) but I ultimately want it to result in success. (Hopefully leading to more travel!)

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