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#FOCUSON: Chunda Munki

#FOCUSON: Chunda Munki

Posted June 5, 2018

Chunda Munki is... An energetic, hyper active dj/producer, with a short attention span, and a love for the crowd. Interacting with the listeners, and keeping them entertained is the main goal.

Started djing... In 2007 under the name "Blayze" playing house parties and small club gigs. Working my way up.

Record Labels in South Africa are... NOT GETTING ENOUGH OVERSEAS RECOGNITION!!!

The South African dance music scene... Is what I live for. We have such loving and supportive crowds in this country.. I've played in every corner of South Africa and the love for the music is prevalent all over. The fact that students will spend their last bit of cash just to come out to one of my shows is one of the most humbling things I've ever experienced..

Electronic music is... EVERYWHERE!

Artists to look out for... Definitely a young guy in Capetown by the name of Tommy V. Sam Mkhize as well as Advent. There are so many up and coming guys to look out for, but those 3 are definitely on my radar.

Next steps... To take my music and my performances overseas.. As much as I love SA, I feel like the time has come to push new boundaries and see what the rest of the world has in store.

Don't miss the Chunda Munki birthday bash at Room Four on the 15th of June

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