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Ringmaster: Ricardo Da Costa

Ringmaster: Ricardo Da Costa

Posted August 25, 2016

Ricardo Da Costa has left a permanent impression on the South African music industry. As an extremely skilled DJ whose roots reach back to the early 90s, as former label manager of the legendary Soul Candi Records and founder of not one but two massive event brands Spring Fiesta and Electric Circus.. chances are, if you’ve been anywhere near a dance-floor, you’ll have heard his name.

Ahead of Electric Circus at Truth this Saturday we chat to the ringmaster about  his headspace in 2016, how the Electric Circus brand was born and his favourite Miguel Bastida track..

Ricardo Da Costa in 2016! What’s happening in your world? Where’s your head at? 

Family, music, golf, health, profit and repeat! (laughs) Ricardo da Costa is motivated as ever, loving where music is at the moment, there is a good energy in clubland and I'm grateful to be living the dream.

You’ve taken on different roles over the years: label manager, producer, DJ, festival organiser. Tell us about some of things you’ve learned along the way..

The most important thing is probably that if you want to make a career within music & entertainment…to have to touch all aspects of the business to make it sustainable, and the beautiful thing about all the things I've been involved in is that there is a clear synergy between all of them… MUSIC! 


We’ve been seeing a massive outpouring of love and support for Electric Circus over the last few days. How does that feel? 

It puts a big smile on my face because I know what a special night its gonna be!

Barcelona’s Miguel Bastida is headlining Saturday’s edition. What made you choose him? 

Personally, I haven’t stopped playing his records over the last 3 years… if his sound resonated so much with me, I just knew he would kill it in SA.  Come on Saturday night and see if my prediction is correct

Do you have a favourite track or mix of his you’d like to share?

Miguel Bastida – 'Moundness'. Just pure dance floor heaven..

Electric Circus has been on quite a journey over the years! How did it start?

Yip, a 9 year journey which started with myself & Dave (Deepgroove) being in Durban at the same time for a gig which landed up being cancelled due to a power problem. We spent the night talking about doing a event together & ELECTRIC CIRCUS was born!

Do you have any special or extraordinary memories to share?

Each one has something special. Bringing Electric Circus back to truth after a 2 year hiatus in 2014 was very memorable. Bass Kleph performing with his sampler like it was a “guitar” was totally unique and still so progressive as a idea in a DJ set.  Of course I can't leave out having record attendance at our event in April 2016 with Olivier Giacomotto.


Electronic music industry in 2016, what does it look like through your eyes?

In South Africa, still evolving but with the “underground” crossing over to the kids, I think the future looks bright!!

You’re playing one of the main sets on Truth’s terrace this Saturday. What do think about when you prepare for Truth? Any tricks up your sleeves for Electric Circus?

I’ll be warming up for Miguel Bastida so my job is to build up the energy and hand it over on a silver platter so that Spanish tech house master can smash it… Be prepared to be entertained!

Catch Ricardo Da Costa on the main floor at Electric Circus this Saturday at Truth!




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